We now offer a range of bespoke and general packaging products to help you enhance your customer’s experience in-store or online.


Aesthetic packaging is equally as important to the end user, as the product contained within. Whether it be sitting on the shelf in stores or landing on someone’s doorstep, your packaging will be the initial striking impression that the products will have on the consumer. 

Packers and Fillers

It is essential that your product arrives in perfect condition and ultimately you will always need some form of product to either fill the void area or directly wrap your product, giving you and your customers this assurance.

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Stock Boxes

It’s not always beneficial to purchase bespoke sized boxes as you will often be restricted by a minimum quantity. We offer a comprehensive range of both conventional single and double wall cartons based on the most popular sizes. We hold stock that can be delivered to you within 48 hours.

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In most cases your boxes will need to be sealed and pallets protected from dirty environments during transportation. We offer an extensive range of tapes and pallet wrap products to ensure your goods arrive secure and in pristine condition.

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It’s not always necessary for products to be sent in cartons and therefore  require a smaller, more cost effective means of distribution. Whether you require bubble filled envelopes or simply documents to be clearly visible on your pallets, our range of mailing products will ensure your goods arrive in the best possible condition.

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Rigid pop-up and magnetic boxes are ideal for presenting your products stylishly and practically. All products are delivered flat-packed and are quick and easy to construct.

Available in a variety of colours, styles and finishes, these are ideal for any gifting range from small items of jewellery to larger fragile goods.

Enhance your brand further by printing on the outside and inside. Add hot-foil blocking to give an extra lift or print a specific message to mirror a new marketing campaign.

The options are endless so Vassari will work with you to find a thoughtful solution to your packaging needs.


Bags, bows, ribbons and tissue can all add an extra finishing touch to your packaging.

All of these can be supplied in a colour of your choice and printed to enhance your packaging presentation.

Additional in-box presentation can be achieved using GEAMI WRAPPAKⓇ, exclusive to vassari in the UK. Its unique design of expanded die-cut kraft paper around coloured interleaf tissue, adds the final ‘wow’ factor to any package.

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